Currently, all of our fitness classes are 50 minutes in length and are group-based, except for Abs blast class/ Guns n Glutes, which is 30 minutes in length. They each incorporate our ROW method of endurance, strength, and mobility, but some may focus on certain aspects more than others. This allows us to offer customizable programs to fit anyone’s needs.


All Body

This class is ROW's cornerstone class, mixing low-impact, high-intensity, interval-based training with strength and mobility work to provide balanced, comprehensive fitness.


All Endurance

A class intended to build endurance with no impact on the knees or other joints. This cardio only based class is designed to make you sweat but also to make you a better rower by driving technique with a focus on cutting split times.


All Strength

This class primarily focuses on weight training incorporated with high-intensity interval training for toning and muscle development. Hands-on education and live feedback for perfect form and joint safety, which is what makes All Strength unique. There is no rowing that takes place in this class, strictly movement based.


Abs Plus

This fast-paced 30-minute class is comprised of a mix of abdominal-focused circuits and targeted hypertrophy work, designed to supplement your existing fitness regimen. Examples of class themes are "abs & glutes," "abs & shoulders," or "abs & plyo."  Expect to feel the burn!



This 30-minute express class is designed to help you build muscle and burn fat through strength training and high-intensity conditioning. In each class, expect a 5-minute dynamic warm-up, 10-15 minutes of focused strength training, and 10 minutes of metabolic conditioning that will work your muscles while building up a sweat! In this class, expect to use dumbbells and body-weight exercises primarily.