Success Story: Ann Bastian

What did you goals look like when you first started at ROW?

My main goal was to add a low-impact cardio exercise into my workout routine.  Staying active/fit has always been an important part of my life – it has always driven me crazy if I don’t sweat a good five days a week!  But as I was approaching 50 I was getting bored.  I had tried many workouts with friends (various classes and personal trainers) – but I always thought I worked out best by myself.  A couple of my friends suggested ROW – they thought I would love it. I personally thought it would be yet another thing I “tried” but would go back to my normal routine after a test period.  That was over two years ago – they were right - I love it! 

What hesitations did you have about ROW or rowing before your first class?

I really didn’t have any hesitations –friends suggested ROW because running was irritating my hip.  And they knew I wasn’t afraid of high intensity exercise. What I think surprised me the most is it was a great blend of cardio and strength training - I was immediately addicted.

What results have you achieved since you have started coming to ROW Studios?

For the first six months I pretty much did just the All Body Class.  My initial coaches (Brian and Dan) really help me with my technique – stroke rate/using my legs for power/full arm and leg extension/making the stroke longer and slower but more powerful. During the Whole Life Challenge I greatly improved my before/after measurable workout and I even had the lowest time for females and won a pair of shoes :)  Nice bonus!!

A little over a year ago I started to add All Strength/Cross Fit into my routine and I’m so glad I did!  I always have done some form of strength training – but I favored arm exercises over any legs (I pretty much only did arm exercises and thought “oh, I run or I row so I don’t need to work on legs”).  Ben has been wonderful -working with all of us to achieve our personal best!  And I’m amazed at the women in my class – all of them are truly inspiring.  I may never lift as much as many of them but for the first time in a LONG time I can see true definition in my legs.

What did you like most, or find most valuable, about your experience at ROW?

I think it’s unique in that it really allows you to push yourself to YOUR personal best – so it’s great for the competitive athlete and as well as the beginner. 

How else have you benefited from joining our community?

I loved getting to know the coaches (love Ben, Greer and Kara).  And the friendships I have developed with others – especially the 8:45 All Strength/Cross Fit class.  Those girls rock!!