Success Story: Jamie Sauls

What did you goals look like when you first started at ROW?

Honestly, I didn't have one specific goal in mind when I started.  Just to step out of my exercise comfort zone, try something new and see what results would come.  Greg invited my husband, Clint, to participate in the 30 day Men's Challenge back in May 2016 so I told Clint if he enrolled, I would get an unlimited membership and go with him.  If Greg was going to hold Clint accountable, then Clint could hold me accountable. Needless to say, we surpassed the 30 days and haven't stopped yet!

What hesitations did you have about ROW or rowing before your first class?

I used to loathe working out in the morning.  I never did it.  I had every excuse in the book as to why I wasn't a morning workout person, but after completing the 30 day challenge, I now hate to miss a morning class!  After I'm done with All Body or All Endurance at 6am, I already feel accomplished and look forward to the day ahead instead of feeling sluggish and tired.  The workout is out of the way, so that little voice in my head isn't saying "Ugh, you still have to work out when you get home this afternoon." Now if I get a second workout in after work, it's just an added bonus!

What results have you achieved since you have started coming to ROW Studios?

Clint and I did P90X over and over for about 3 years, but I had started to get so bored and even dreaded putting in the videos to work out.  Since the motivation was gone, I had gained some unwanted pounds and definitely lost muscle mass over the last few years. I knew I needed a different exercise regimen to get back in shape and change my outlook on fitness.  Not only do I feel stronger all around, my endurance is at an all time high, my resting heart rate is lower, my blood pressure is lower, my close fit better and I actually look forward to coming to class!

What did you like most, or find most valuable, about your experience at ROW?

I love that I have options with the 3 different classes depending on my mood.  Also, as I begin to approach 40, I appreciate the HIIT without the high impact on my joints.  Classes are always tough and I burn a ton of calories, but I recover so quickly with no pain.  I also love being a part the ROW community!  Geronimo always greats me with a smile in the morning. Greer and Jason push me to work harder (which I need sometimes) and I've gotten to know many people who are "regulars" at 6 am.  (Shout out to Milena, Veronica, Aaron, Steve and Juan Carlos!) There's no judgement on what you can or can't do since everyone is at different levels of rowing.  I've also LOVE the Million Meter Challenge!  It has invigorated me to row more and up my endurance game.  I've already reached the 100K mark and plan to get to 1 million by the end of the year.