Success Story: Tammy Burnitt

What did your goals look like when you first started ROW?

Initially I wanted to establish a routine of exercise to help facilitate weight loss, boost metabolism. and establish a work life balance.

What hesitations did you have about ROW or rowing before your first class?

My hesitations related to being out of shape and uncertanty about my ability to complete certain movements in classes with seasoned members.

What results have you achieved since you have started coming to ROW Studios?

Since joining row I have achieved significant results most notably dropping three sizes in my wardrobe but also building immense strength and better sleeping habits..

What did you like most, or find most valuable, about your experience at ROW?

In my case I have built a network of friendship with individuals who have similar goals which promotes a very motivating and positive environment of group exercise.

How else have you benefited from joining our community?

I have worked hard over the the past nine months and my results have cultivated a mind shift, making exercise and and food choices high priority for me.  I do not skip classes, rather I adjust my plans around them.