What does H.I.I.T. stand for exactly?

H.I.I.T. stands for “High Intensity Interval Training” - which means you will be pushing yourself intensely for a short to moderate range of time, resting briefly, then continuing on!

Pro Tip: Push yourself past your comfort level - if you are able to chat with your neighbor, odds are you have a lot more to give.


Isn't 2 minutes of rest time in between workouts a lot?

No way! Trust us -  if you are sprinting like you should be, you’ll be thanking us!

Pro Tip: Take your rest time. If you do not need the rest time in between, it means you did not push yourself as hard as you could or should have! Whether you are a professional athlete or if it’s your first time working out in 10 years, 3-5 minutes is plenty of time to wear you out. Effort is relative!


Will less time really give me more results?

The number one reason people say they do not work out is due to time. While H.I.I.T. may take more discipline and motivation to do, you get more bang for your buck (or in this case time). You’ll burn more calories in less time compared to what you would with a longer, steady-state workouts.

Added bonus - H.I.I.T. gives you happy little metabolism boosts to help you burn those calories the rest of the day! So yes, you will see results faster due to the fact that you are pushing your body harder.


What About Weight Loss?

Ultimately, your goal shouldn’t always be the generic phrase of wanting to “lose weight” because not ALL weight is BAD! In fact, muscle weighs twice the amount as fat per volume (scales can't be trusted).

Longer cardio pieces are great in moderation because too much may cause you to burn through muscle. Spiking your heart rate with H.I.I.T. promotes both calorie burning, fat loss and muscle growth/toning. The reference I like to use is when you look at an Olympic sprinter next to an Olympic marathoner.



At ROW, our building block is High-Intensity, not High-Risk. This is why we spend the time we do at the beginning of class to prep your body and thoroughly review the movements. Use the beginning of class to warm-up and participate in the movement review so your coach can give feedback prior so once that workout clock starts you can let loose, have fun and get after it in a safe manner!