Client Spotlight: Brandon Pritchett

What first brought you into ROW?

My wife – she joined with a friend and really enjoyed the variety of classes. I was just using our apartment gym at the time and she prodded me to go to ROW with her on weekends on a punchcard. I enjoyed it so much that I joined as a full member.


What did your goals look like when you first started?

Last fall my wife and I went hiking in Vancouver - the Grouse Grind, check it out if you are ever there. She was outpacing me for the first time on a mountain climb! When I started attending the All Strength classes, the conditioning killed me. I had been lifting weights but not doing much on my cardio. While I am still very focused on increasing strength, I realized I needed a combination of strength and endurance.


What hesitations did you have about ROW or rowing before your first class?

In the All Strength class, there are Olympic lifting moves I had never done before. I was really interesting in taking on something new and challenging, but I was a little worried about whether there would be enough “one-on-one” with the coaches. The 10:1 class size is smaller than what I have heard about a lot of crossfit studios, and provides plenty of direct coaching opportunities to learn the proper technique/form. .


What results have you achieved since you have started coming to ROW Studios?

My endurance has really improved. I have gained strength, increasing my weight in several of the lifts. In addition to the conditioning part of the All Strength class, I started rowing toward the Million Meter Milestone Challenge about a month ago. My rowing times (m/500m) have decreased and my posture and back strength have benefited for the time spent on the erg.


What did you like most, or find most valuable, about your experience at ROW?

The coaches give great advice on the technical aspect of lifting, preventing injury, and helping me improve. They really push you within your limits. Plus, the ROW team always makes you feel welcome, like you belong to a fitness family.