The #1 thing I’m constantly asked about is BALANCE.  “How do you balance it all?.  The most truthful answer is that I don’t.  I’m like everyone else, struggling daily to keep it all together and make progress and some days are good and others not so much.  

There are some things that I’ve found helpful but FIRST you’ve got to acknowledge that YOU do in fact have the time to accomplish all that you want; it’s just a matter of how you use and manage that time.  

Plan your day – EVERYDAY! If you truly want balance then planning and scheduling is essential.  I set times during my day/week that I use for certain activities/tasks.  You’d be amazed at how much time you actually have when you strip away the distractions and schedule the things that will actually help you achieve your goals.  

There’s a HUGE difference between “I’m going to work out today” and “I’m going to work out today from 6-7:30am”.  Schedule everything, be specific and put it on your calendar.  Everything goes on my calendar –When I workout, when I focus on New Business calls, when I focus on existing client service, when I look at/post on social media, when I coach, drive carpool, pay bills, have lunch with my wife, everything.  If it’s not on the calendar then it doesn’t exist.  Random simply doesn’t work.

Look to break down your day into small, manageable parts so that you can focus and not get bored.  The trick (and it’s hard) is to stick with it.  If you say you’re not going to check email or social media until 3pm each day, then don’t.  If you say that you’re only going to take meetings with clients on Thursdays then don’t accept them on other days.  Block these smaller, yet manageable segments out and you can accomplish a lot more than you think in any given day.  If there are tasks that take more time, or require a “full” day, then block a specific day and then schedule around it.  

Give yourself a real chance to succeed.  If you’re not a morning person then don’t schedule daily workouts at 5am…It’s just not sustainable and you don’t want to set yourself up for failure.  Look to only what YOU can manage.  Perhaps that’s 2 early morning trips to the gym per week and 2 later times on weekends so you can sleep in more.  Point is, create a schedule that works for you.  I used to “Never miss a Monday at the gym”…Well, that didn’t work very well for me because every Monday morning I had a crappy workout because I would be thinking about work/business  and all that I had to do to plan my busy week ahead.  So, now I don’t work out on Monday morning’s but rather I use Monday mornings to listen to a podcast, plan my week, set up my calendar and knock out the 2-3 most important work tasks that have been on my mind during the weekend or that are left over from previous week.  

I heard this once and I liked it and it stuck with me “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”.  

Good luck! - Greg Scheinman