Client Spotlight: Marcie Lou

What did you goals look like when you first started at ROW?

I didn't have any particular goals in mind. I originally sought out ROW in an effort to change up my workouts. At the time, I was burnt out on my typical routine of running and Bikram yoga, and was looking for something different. I just try to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and ROW has been a great asset!

What results have you achieved since you have started coming to ROW Studios?

I have definitely seen an increase in my strength. When I first started coming to ROW, I remember the challenges I faced with the weighted movements. It's been great to watch myself improve and get stronger.

Also, I aim to run one half marathon a year. And since joining ROW, training has become much easier. My endurance has improved, and I don't find myself with as many injuries.

What did you like most, or find most valuable, about your experience at ROW?

I love how every class is different and I am always impressed with the quality of the coaches. Their attention to detail and their focus on members throughout class adds a significant value to my experience.

How else have you benefited from joining our community?

I've met some wonderful people through the ROW community, and it's always nice to see familiar faces in class.