#Crewlove: Meet Michael Kratz

Have you seen this smiling face around the studio? Meet Michael Kratz, our #weekendwarrior All Strength coach!

Where are you from and what brought you to Houston?

I'm from Oconto Falls, Wisconsin (just north of Green Bay). I have a degree in geology, so I originally came to Houston to work in oil & gas.

What got you into the fitness in the first place?

I began wrestling in 3rd grade and continued through college. Studying fitness allowed me to enhance my sport training.

How much do you weigh?


How much can you bench?


Have you had any experience with competitions or tournaments?

I compete in USPA Powerlifting 3-4 times a year. I have 5 first place finishes, a second, and a third place in competition and currently hold the state record in sqaut for submasters 125kg class.

How did you find out about ROW Studios?

I have worked with Zul and Katie at a different gym. They introduced me to Row.

What’s your day-job?

Currently, personal training and coaching is my only job.

How do you keep up with your health and nutrition on a day-to-day basis?

I just try to eat good food and a lot of it.

Do you have any tips for getting a workout in while travelling this summer?

Never underestimate body weight movements. You can get a killer workout with just air squats, lunges, and push-ups if you get creative with reps and rest.

Do you have any #funfacts for us?

Every banana you've ever eaten in your life has been genetically identical clones. And also naturally radioactive.

Do you have any advice for our first-time All Strength clients?

Treat lifts like any other skill that has to be practiced and worked through. It takes time to master any skill.