Smoother than Smooth

Summer is here and we can feel it! Sometimes the heat can curb your appetite and make you feel sluggish, but smoothies are a fantastic, easy way to rejuvenate and get your daily dose of fruits and veggies.


Below are just a few of our favorite smoothie recipes and factoids about how amazing these snack/beverage hybrids are!

Soak it all up

Aside from not having to chew, rendering your fruits and veggies into semi-liquid form makes it much easier for your body to absorb nutrients.


Healthy hydration

Ditch the Crystal Lite and grab yourself a revitalizing smoothie because they are also a great way to hydrate! Pro tip: add a little coconut water for an extra dose of electrolytes.

Grab & go

Always in a rush? Smoothies make and excellent grab-and-go meal for busy days.

Lose weight

Looking to shed some pounds? Smoothies can help boost weight & fat loss, strengthen bones, and promote muscle growth. Instead of going for that brownie, grab yourself a sweet smoothie to curb your cravings and keep your blood sugar levels from getting #chocolatewasted

Delicious detox

Did the 4th of July festivities derail your healthy diet? Add some kale and dark leafy greens to your mix to detoxify after the weekend bender.

A good smoothie...

is nutrient dense and incorporates healthy fats like

flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, avocado, flax seed oil, extra virgin olive oil, or raw, virgin coconut oil.

- Emily's Strawberry Kickstarter -



organic orange juice

Greek yogurt (Fage is her fave!)

chia seeds



- Cathy's Super Charge Smoothie -


navel orange



chia seeds

flax seeds


coconut water