#WomenCrushWednesday: Ayshe Tayfun

How did you find out about ROW Studios?

I learned about Row Studios when they first opened. I was the Fitness Coordinator for Rice University at the team and I was exploring new studios to get ideas.

What did you goals look like when you first started at ROW?

I decided to join Row because the HIIT style of All Body really challenged me and is a great calorie burner. I wanted something close to home that would help me get lean.

What hesitations did you have about ROW or rowing before your first class?

I was worried that I would get bored taking mostly All Body classes but that has not been an issue. Row does an awesome job of mixing up the classes.  Rowga and Strength also keep things interesting and challenging.

How has your lifestyle changed after joining ROW Studios?

Not too long ago I was working as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer at a studio in Upper Kirby that closed down. It was a tight-knit community and I made a lot of my Houston friends during my time there. I missed the camaraderie and community atmosphere and Row Studios has brought that back!

What results have you achieved since you have started coming to ROW Studios?

I can tell that my strength and endurance has improved. I am able to push myself harder and am not as exhausted after a work-out.

Which ROW classes do you take?

I take mostly All Body classes. I am hooked!

Who is your favorite coach?

Carly Dalton. She is always positive, encouraging and you can tell she really enjoys being a coach.

What’s your favorite pre-workout pump up song?

That answer changes almost daily but right now I would say, "Run" by Foo Fighters.