ROWCrew Spotlight: Bridget Allen

What got you into rowing in the first place?

I was in college at UT and when I went to a swim club meeting. As it turns out, I didn’t find much interest in it. So, I went to the next room (I was curious about the big oar in there) and walked into the row club meeting. I loved it, and became a rower!

What was it like to row for a collegiate team?

Rowing in college was the most fun! I loved every second, even the 5 am practices. I also met a lot of cool people, including Stanley and David!

How did you find out about ROW Studios?

Before ROW Studios opened, a crossfit friend told me about it. After college, I missed rowing so much and needed it in my life! I emailed the manager and ended up getting the job as a coach.

What’s your day-job?

I am a private practice psychotherapist part of the time, and a full-time counsellor at a middle school.

How do you keep up with your health and nutrition with such a busy schedule?

Meal prepping! Sunday is my dedicated day grocery shopping, meal prepping, and watching tv shows in the background. I love to cook, so I put a lot of effort into my Sunday’s to create balanced meals. Usually it takes around 2-3 hours to make grab-and-go containers for the whole week.

Do you have any tips for getting a workout in while travelling this summer?

You can work out anywhere, all you need is yourself. I stick to body-weight movements, like push-ups, squats, lunges, handstands, core work...the possibilities are endless!



Do you have any fun facts for us this #funfactfriday?

I have a dog and his name is Ziggysmalls, like Biggysmalls. He’s my #1, 65 lb lap dog.

I speak spanish (I lived in venezuela on and off for 3 months) and I can quote movies like a 3rd language!


Last, but not least: what is some advice that you would like to share with our clients?

Be open minded to pushing yourselves and getting uncomfortable. No one here is an expert rower. We are just here to have fun and sweat, come join us!