Sushi Burritos

How to Roll A Sushi Burrito




Must have ingredients:

Sushi Rice (cooked)

Hand rinse solution (equal parts rice wine vinegar and water)

Nori (seaweed)

Makisu (bamboo sushi rolling mat)

Clean hand towel - for drying/wiping hands


Filling - The Stuff I Used

(You can use whatever you want to fill your sushi burrito.)

Diver's Sole fried in turmeric, ginger, and olive oil

Steamed bok choy

Sauteed red bell pepper

Fried tofu




Step 1

Set up your work space so that you can easily reach your filling ingredients, rice, and hand rinse. Lay a single nori sheet in the center of your Makisu, making sure that the creases on the seaweed are parallel to the bamboo rods on your Makisu.


Step 2

Dip your hands in your hand rinse solution - this will keep any rice from sticking from your fingers. Sprinkle a light layer of rice onto the nori and gently massage it JUST until your rice lays in a flat bed. Rinse your hands off as needed.


Step 3

Lay out your filling ingredients neatly at the bottom portion of your nori. Try to keep your ingredients from coming too far up the nori (max 2 inches). 


Step 4 - The Tricky Part

Lift the bottom edge of your Makisu and fold it over your filling. You can use 1 or 2 hands for this - don't try to be fancy here ;)


Step 5

Once you've made it over the first hump, compact the sushi burrito roll by pulling the rolled section towards you - be careful not to press DOWN as this will is squishy XD. Pull the far end of the mat away from you to give yourself some leverage. 


Step 6

Keep rolling your burrito upwards in the Makisu and stopping regularly to compress it towards you for a nice, tight burrito.


Step 7

When you are finished rolling your sushi burrito, give it one last, good roll-around with the Makisu in your hands to keep all the yummy-ness inside.