Summer Travel Workouts (Build Your Own)

It’s summer time! It’s that time of year where we usually see the most travels among our community. Working out is part of a routine, and your routines typically get derailed on vacation.

Just because you may not be near ROW, your health and fitness goals can still be accomplished! If you are traveling, most hotels have small fitness centers. Even if they don’t and you are stuck with no equipment, you can still develop a quality workout. Below are some guidelines to building a heart-racing, high-intensity workout wherever you are with whatever you have!

1. Time, Equipment and Movements

How much time do you have? What equipment do you have to work with? Look at these factors to determine your format and available movements.

– Equipment:

  • Dumbbells / Various Weights
  • Treadmill, Stationary Bike, Erg
  • Space to run outside

– Movements:

  • DB Thrusters
  • DB Plank Rows
  • DB Russian Twists
  • Air Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-Ups

2. Formatting– There are plenty of ways to format a workout to match up with timing and the amount of movements you can do.

If you have access to a piece of “cardio” equipment, you can add in short intervals to get your heart rate up and keep it pumping - think 200-500m or .25 miles at a time.

AMRAP = (As Many Rounds As Possible) AMRAP’s are meant to cycle through 2 or more movements for an extended period of time.


  • AMRAP- 5 Minutes
  • Movement A x 8 reps
  • Movement B x 8 reps

Tabata – Tabatas are short 4 minutes workouts meant for max effort.

All you have to do is pick one movement to workout with. You go max effort for 20 seconds of that movement followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. This adds up to four minutes total.

Rounds For Time - Don’t have a timer? No problem.

Just list out a few movements and set a rep scheme and cycle through them as fast as you can for a set number of rounds.


  • 3 Rounds For Time:
  • Movement A x 5 reps
  • Movement B x 6 reps
  • Movement C x 7 reps

3. Do It– Only person stopping you from a great workout is yourself!

Even if you can’t find time or just don’t have the energy for a workout like these, it is important to just stay active. Walk around and explore the town you are in, take the stairs, etc. Get out and move!