ROW Studios is proud to be a locally owned and operated business.

We're always recruiting superstars for both our staff and coaching roster, we always take résumés and employment inquiries, and we always respond either way for transparency.

We also accept internship inquiries. We run internships during the summers, though if you want to pitch us on an internship idea we're open to it.

If working at ROW interests you, read on for details.



We accept staff applications throughout the year. Team members work 10-25 hours/week, usually in shifts 3-5 hours in length.

Some things we look for:

  • FUN. You can bring the energy and take great care of our clients.

  • Evening and weekend availability. We require you be available to close at least one night a week and work at least one weekend day. (You may not always work these shifts; when everyone has them available, though, scheduling is a breeze.)

  • You love to workout. A staff perk is that you can take a class on the clock during your shift if you choose. (If you never want to hop in a class, do a gut check on why you're applying.)


If interested, please send a résumé and a 50-150-word cover letter (can be in the body of the email) of why you want to work for ROW to



We're in the business of making people feel great. We're also in the business of creating community.

If clients only wanted a workout, they could just hop on YouTube and get one, for free, every day for the rest of their life.

Clients come for YOU and to receive professional instruction in a small-group setting. So in our coaches, we look not only for experience in group fitness, but also awesome people with great people skills.

We can teach you the erg and the weights. What we cannot teach is charisma. So we look for that in your audition.

We train our coaches on all class formats, though you may prefer one or the other. We write our programming in-house so you don't have to (You do program your own warmups and mobility).

Our staff that takes care of all the admin work so you don't have to. We take care of our new clients and account questions for you. We are gatekeepers for people who are twenty minutes late. We do everything we can on the administrative side so that you're freed up to focus on the workout, your badass playlist, and making people feel great.


Our process:

  • You apply.

  • We do a 15-minute "hello call" where we just talk through your interests, your workload.

  • We pop into a class or two together to see if we're your flavor.

  • We schedule an audition. (Sometimes auditions are in groups.) We ask you to prepare about 15 minutes of programming for your audition (sample below).

  • You hear from us either way.


Example of previous preparation for an audition

This was for one audition. Your audition would have a similar amount of preparation request.

  • "Prepare a 5-8 minute warmup progression for a class that would have heavy back squats as the strength work."

  • "Prepare a tabata abs circuit (eight rounds, 4 minutes total) of your choice. Alternate two movements. (Example: hollow rocks for 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest, DB Russian twists 20 seconds, 10 seconds rest.) We will do it together as you coach it and run the clock. Plan a modification movement for low back injury for each."

  • "Prepare to coach a lift or movement or your choice (plan for 5 minutes). Plan modifications for knee pain and shoulder pain."


If selected:

  • We train you in-house. After you have our formats down, you shadow six classes to get totally comfortable with our formats and our rooms in front of an audience.

  • You do a "community class" - a free class for the public that your friends and family can attend.

  • You're on the schedule and crushing it!


If interested, please send a 50-150-word cover letter (can be in the body of the email) of why you want to work for ROW to