Meet Genevive


What are your fitness goals?

I want to maintain a high enough level of fitness that I can yes to new things - want to climb a mountain? Yes. Want to try a new gym? Go for a long bike ride? Go backpacking on the weekend? YES, YES, and YES! I like to take on new fitness challenges every year to push myself to the next level, whatever the level may be. Overall, I exercise because I like the adventures and experiences that it allows me to have.

What motivates you to stay active and healthy?

My dad's enthusiasm for fitness and adventure inspires me to stay active. He has done 8 Ironman triathalons in his life (his first one was at age 54). He never lets me feel like its too late to start something new or work towards a new goal. I've seen how staying active pays dividends later in life.

What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

I love to cook! I spend a few hours every weekend meal-prepping for the week, so I am constantly trying to come up with new ways of cooking my favorite foods. My go-to-meal is browned and glazed sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and baked salmon with a roti or handmade tortilla from my neighborhood Mexican bakery.

What advice can you give new members?

It is so easy to compare yourself to other people, both at the gym and in our daily lives. We are our own harshest critics. Instead of comparing yourself to someone else at the gym, or in your daily life, compare yourself in that moment to the person you would be if you were sitting on the couch. If you are doing something then you are winning! When a coach pushes you to pull harder, go heavier, or do more reps - its because we see potential in you that you may not see yourself.